Fishing tip of the week: – 08/12/20

Easy summer pattern
by Mike Gerry

When you get in your boat and start out on a lake like Guntersville, during the heat of the summer, the one obvious thing is the expansive grass lines. The obvious pattern is to run those grass lines with soft plastic baits, and the truth is, it works. However, not all grass lines are created equal. Not all have active fish, but I have some ideas on what to look for.

As you move up and down Guntersville there are currently grass edges from ledge to ledge. The problem is how can you pick out grass edges that you can catch fish on, and what makes one edge more productive than the other? There are some very distinct differences to look for.

The first thing I look for is bait activity. If you pull up to a grass line, and after fishing a few minutes you don’t see bait moving about, it’s time to move on. You also need to examine the grass edge for structure. In most cases bass will hold on the grass edges, but if there are stumps or debris on the break lines there is a good chance you will find bass. Ride the edge of the grass line with your Lowrance structure scan. If you see stumps or debris you will also see the bass sitting over or near the structure.

Some grass lines form just a straight-line edge. When I see this, if there is no bait about, I generally move on, as I want a grass edge that changes definition with points and thickness differences all about the line of grass. Bass must be able to ambush bait, and if there is just a straight edge it eliminates the ambush areas, and they generally aren’t there.

I also look for thickness change protruding from the visible edge another few feet. If the grass just ends I find it harder to get a bite, but there is one exception to this. When the grass line drops directly into a creek, this immediate depth change is different than others. I find creeks hold fish in the heat of the summer, and the immediate drop to a creek is a good thing. Grass lines are productive, but you must identify the correct line of grass!

Captain Mike

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