Fishing tip of the week: – 07/22/20

Warm water fishing
by Mike Gerry

The summer heat changes where the bass locate, and catching them in their deep summer locations can be tough.
If you’re into summertime fishing you know that when the heat sets in the bass move to the deep water, and getting down there and presenting a bait can be tough fishing especially for the novice fisherman.

I try to have several options of baits available and use them in different types of deep water situations.
My first deep presentation, and the bait I love to fish the most, is the deep crank bait SPRO Little John DD. If I think I can get it down to the depths to where it appears the bass are sitting, it is my first choice. The reason for this is that deep crank bait can stir competition between the bass creating an opportunity to catch a bunch of big fish quickly. When you can get bass competing off a deep spot the catching will be easier if you do.

My next choice is a Tight-Line football jig. There is probably no bait that catches more big fish in deep water than a football jig. The bait is so lifelike because it imitates a crawfish better than any bait I fish. I often go from a ¾ oz to 1 oz. when I want to get to the bottom quickly, but if it appears the bass might be suspending, I stick to a ½ oz. The key is working the bait slowly, crawling it on the bottom and shaking it as you move it.

Some of the newest baits that have been introduced in the last few years are the ¾ to 1 oz. Shaky-head looks with flat bottoms that, when moved slowly on the bottom, stand upright as you move it. A big floating-type worm that stands upright and entices fish to bite, rigged onto this bait is an ideal way to fish the bottom for bass seeking cool water along deep structure.

You also must be aware of the summertime thermocline as the deepest water is much heavier than the water above and creates a five to seven foot bottom line with no oxygen and you should avoid fishing those areas, they can be seen easily on your electronics.
Captain Mike

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