Shelton seeks re-election for Scottsboro City Mayor

I wish to inform the Citizens of our great community that I will be seeking reelection as Mayor. It has been my pleasure to serve and move our community forward these past three and half years. We have made great strides, but have much more to accomplish.

This year alone, we are building our third storm shelter for the community – all built during my administration. This month the first of three different projects will begin at Scottsboro Municipal Airport which total over $2 million dollars funded with State and Federal grants received. Goose Pond Colony recently expanded the boat ramp capacity, which is allowing GPC to host much larger fishing tournaments. This in turn leads to an increase in tourism and revenue dollars for our community. This fall ALDOT will put out bids for highway safety improvements at the County Park/Hwy 72 intersection. This is a direct result of a $1 million dollar Federal Highway grant the City received. These safety improvements will ultimately lead to expanded retail growth for this area of town. Currently we are completing building additions at our Sanitation Dept. The additions will enable us to expand our recycling efforts in collecting, sorting, baling and storage. The commitment to expanding and improving our recycling program resulted in the City receiving a new grant in May 2020 in the amount of $146,535. Additional improvements have been completed through-out the City and several additional projects are in the planning stages.

As you can see we are moving forward as a community with a lot of positive happenings. I ask for your continued support on August 25th as I seek my second term.

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