Connie McLain reaches 25 years with Circuit Clerk office

Connie McLain recently received a certificate from the state of Alabama, commemorating her 25 years of service as a Jackson County Circuit Court Specialist IV and Chief Clerk. McLain’s current boss, Circuit Clerk Bart Buchanan presented the certificate on Tuesday, May 26, 2020. McLain began her career at the courthouse in 1995. At the time, she was coming into everything new and had to learn the entire system, at times figuring out on her own how to make it more efficient and organized; however, with her determination and dedication, McLain showed up every day and developed lasting connections and relationships with the county, becoming somewhat of a landmark on the second floor of the courthouse. McLain credits her contacts do most of the work, claiming, it’s who you know to ask that makes all the difference, but upon investigating, many of those contacts credit McLain for making their jobs easier.

Buchanan (pictured on right) stated, “If anyone comes up here or calls with a question, they’re coming to see Connie, because she’s the one who can help you. If you can’t find it, she can. Anything you need to know, she can answer that. She’s seen us through some tough times, especially the last few months. She’s taken everything in stride even under stress. I don’t know how this office will run when she decides to retire, because she keeps everything running smoothly. We’ll figure it out, but it’s not going to be easy without her.”

McLain is currently debating waiting two more years to retire, or just one more. Buchanan stated, he hopes she chooses to stay longer than two.

Jackson County Circuit Judge John Graham stated, “Connie is as solid as a rock. She knows more about the court system and online e-filing than anyone else in the courthouse. She is dedicated, hard working, smart and always happy. She is a most valued member of the court staff and makes all of our jobs easier and more efficient. Connie McLain is the epitome of a true public servant.”
When asked what was her favorite part of each day for the last 25 years, McLain answered, “Helping people. If anyone comes to the second floor of the courthouse, it’s usually for something unpleasant or difficult, and I’m thankful I can be here to help. But it’s helping people. That’s the best part.”

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