City extends state of emergency

by Martha Smith

Scottsboro City Council voted on several items at the last work session and regular meeting held on Monday, April 27, 2020. Council voted to extend the state of emergency, on the city level, through Monday, May 18, 2020. During a state of emergency, Council retains the power, if certain circumstances arise, to call an emergency meeting with 24-hour notice. With guidance from accounting, Human Resources for the use of city employees as needed, the Mayor, Police Chief and city departments will work together with Jackson County EMA. Declaring a state of emergency gives the city access to state and federal aid that would otherwise not be available. Any additional expenses incurred during this time frame will be recorded and accounted for, and reimbursement will be sought.

A refueler agreement for the airport was approved. Through a grant-funded project, the fuel supply will need to be shut off during a section of repaving. In the interim of the project, two fuel supply tanks will need to be leased to the airport to keep operations running smoothly until the project is completed.

Residents from The Promenade were present to request permission to install two speed bumps upon the entry and exit sides of the subdivision. This request comes in hopes of making cycling and walking safer by slowing down motorists approaching the crosswalks near the gatehouse.

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