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Big Bass Habits
by Mike Gerry

There are a lot of similarities between the human aging process and big bass habits. Both have aged and become stuck in their ways and repeat many of the daily habits as the aging process continues! They are in many ways just like us as we age and as they become comfortable. There is one exception. They like to roam when they’re ready to feed and like the low light time of day to feed. Very much like the old timers that like to hang out at coffee shops early in the morning and don’t like to be out in the heat of the day.We like safety as we age, well so do the large older female bass. Like gated communities, they’re safe and offer protection from the bad guys.
Big bass live in the safest most protected areas. You must look many times for the heaviest protected areas. Thick grass, boat houses along a bank, stump rows where there is shell bottom, they all off offer quick access to deep water in the heat of the summer or during the spawn.

Big bass don’t feed at fast food restaurants, they like to go right for the big steak houses where they can get an oversized meal easily and quickly so it’s not a lot of work on their body. Their choices are easy prey, like wounded big shad that have little life or ability to move quickly. Size matters to the bigger bass, the bigger the meal the more they target that prey in the future. You see it’s easier to feed once on a big meal than feed many times on small ones. Hence, they target bigger food sources. If you can study your lake and figure out what the bigger bass are targeting as a food source, you will be one step closer to landing a lunker bass as you mimic their food source with your baits.
Know your lake and you will catch bigger fish!
Captain Mike

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