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Best Summertime Baits
by Mike Gerry

With the onset of the heat and the conditions changing to full-on summertime bite here are my best summertime baits.
The early morning is always strong for a top water bite. I personally like the popper baits. Also frogs if there is a lot of floating debris.
Sue rapid movement then some stop and go and you will be successful early and late in the day with top water. Surface prey provokes aggressive bass, and nothing is more successful than the top.
As the heat moves into the day the bass are going to move to the deeper water where there is more oxygen, and cooler water temperatures.

If you have the right electronics, you can scan the deep humps and bottom structure for schools of bass. Nothing is more fun in the summertime than firing up a deep school of bass.
Make sure you don’t leave a school of fish too quickly. It takes time to get them competing. If you have a couple of people in the boat with you, it helps fire up the school with several baits coming at them at a time. Make sure you have given them time to react before you try to find another group.

Nothing in the summer is more reliable than soft plastic bait. With all the variations of plastics you have a large selection of presentations you can explore. You can fish in heavy grass or in open water. There is a soft plastic bait made for all it and they have survived the test of time, as a bait that the bass never get tired off.
The other important factor about soft plastics is the variety of colors. There is a color for every condition, clear water, stained water it doesn’t matter. I like natural colors in the clear water and dark colors in the stained water, they all work, just find your favorite!

If you’re a structure fisherman a swim bait is very effective and is easy to work around shoreline structure, grass and or deep stumps. They mimic the action of bait fish and produce bites in the summertime. Work them near the heavy structure and you will catch fish!
Captain Mike

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