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The Many Ways to Present a Sinko
by Mike Gerry

When you head to the water on Guntersville for the past few weeks the bite has been all about the small soft plastic bait called the Sinko, there are many versions of it by many different manufacturers, my favorite is the Missile bait 48. I like that fact that it has a little more toughness and weight than many of the choices making it easier to throw on a bait casting reel.
The key to fishing it for me has been finding the right presentation and that changes as we progress through the different periods of fishing each year as the seasons change.

My favorite is to present it on a weightless set-up hook so you can have it drop slowly into the holes in the grass. Patience is key as you can’t be pumping the up and down movement as it will prevent the bait from falling and dropping into the strike zone around the grass clumps. You must also be a line watcher as many times the bait will just not be moving where it should be and detecting the bite is difficult. Line watching can be key!

Next is the hook set-up as many times it will require you to fish it whacky style so the fall drops and moves side to side. However, you can fish it Texas-rigged or Carolina-rigged to give the bait different looks. Only your imagination limits the way you can rig it, any unique way you can come up with adds to its versatility. Fishing it like a traditional worm with a weight also is a good way to catch fish, putting a small weight into one end of the worm gives it an unusual drop and becomes a presentation that will catch fish. The weight in one end is used traditionally as a deeper water presentation, but certainly not exclusively in the deep water only.

Sinko’s are extremely versatile and anything you can do to make your presentation unique will set you apart from the guy next to you so don’t hide from your imagination. Use your imagination to set you apart and allow you to catch fish. Let your mind lead you and your creativity make you exclusive and it will make you a better Sinko presenter!
Captain Mike

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