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Fishing the Spawn
by Mike Gerry

We are approaching the spawn. As it approaches, there are some keys to catching bass for you to keep in mind and really improve your day on the water.
The first thing is to do a little
Research and understand the bass behavior during the spawn.
Bass generally move to
shoreline where there are hard bottom areas and they can create nests and guard their
eggs to spawn.
Water temperature is crucial as bass generally bed with water temps between
60 and 70 degrees.
Polarized sunglasses are a must so you can locate visually the beds or the
cleared-out circle areas in the shallows.

Lure selection is critical during the spawn, lightly weighted soft plastics are a must so you can
entice the bass while they’re in the bedding process. I like creature baits, worms, lizards
during the spawn. There are many ways to rig them to get a positive result. Whacky rigged is a
favorite, Teas rigged lightly weighted with 1/8 oz. slip weight is also effective, Neiko
rigged. Drop shot rigs work in the spawn. The key is patience, effective and enticing
shaking of the bait with a jigging action that gives them a reason to strike.
It’s also a must to
approach beds quietly so the bass doesn’t get scared and moves off the bed as you approach
them. Many times, depending on water clarity you can see the beds and target fish you can
see with your bait. Sight fishing is a favorite for many bed fishermen on clear lakes especially
where the lake is relatively deep except on the shorelines, and you can easily see and fish on
their beds.

There is no doubt that bed fishing is a favorite of many bass fishermen, its also a time when
your next year’s fishing conditions are right in front of you; if you don’t respect the bedding
fish by putting them back you could hurt next years conditions.
Remember weather
conditions can change bedding fish habits fronts move them off and, on the beds, cold water
moves them out, wind can move them so adapting to the weather is key to successful bed
Adjust to the weather and have fun as the bedding fish are always a blast to catch.

Captain Mike

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