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Advantage Guide
by Mike Gerry

t’s the time of year when many fishermen are heading to a lake with their family’s for Spring break. Many are asking themselves, should I hire a guide so I can gain an advantage about the lake? I believe there are some very good reasons to start your trip out with a guide.
The first is that when you get on a lake your knowledge of the lake can be extremely limited and a guide brings you local knowledge that can advance your ability to find fish and give you an advantage starting your vacation.
I believe one thing I always do for my customers, is give them a quick study of the lake increasing their ability to find fish when they’re on their own, hence advantage fisherman. You get quick knowledge of the best spots, techniques and patterns.

The next thing I pride myself in is teaching skills, no matter if you’re a local fisherman or a spring break enthusiast. I enjoy and pride myself in teaching and improving your skills while you’re in my boat. One thing I can guarantee you is I will teach you something and enhance your fishing ability!
Another advantage I personally have for my customers is your ability to see and use the top equipment on the market. One of the biggest expenses most of today’s fishermen face is deciding whether to spend money on some of the latest technology and best gear on the market. You will see and use the best gear and technology out there when you get in my boat.
I will tell you the advantages and answer any question you might have to give you the knowledge it takes to make informed decisions.

Time is money. When you hire me, I will save you time by taking you to the most productive areas on the lake. When you’re struggling or going to a new lake, or learning, the most precious thing you have is time. Knowledge is everything. Baits, techniques, depths and patterns are all part of the puzzle that brings you to improvement and good times. The advantages you gain by getting in my boat are many.
I will become your friend, a mentor if you wish and spill my knowledge to you so you are a better and improved fisherman.
Captain Mike

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