North Sand Mtn Park repairs requested

The Jackson County Commission has been hard at work recently with new business.A Memorandum of Understanding between the Jackson County Commission and ADEM allowing the Solid Waste Department to continue the pick up of tires was approved.

Commissioners voted to fund the Scottsboro Jackson County Rescue Squad’s need for vehicle replacement. Recently, the organization had a vehicle totaled by an 18 wheeler. The 18 wheeler’s company is currently refusing to provide insurance information. Commissioners funded the new vehicle at a cost of $35,000.

An amendment to approve a jail budget transfer was approved. The budget transfer will be used for specific maintenance at the Jackson County Jail.

Commissioner’s discussed and subsequently approved a polling place change for the Town of Hytop. The polling place will be moved from the Town Hall to the Hytop Community Center. The resolution for the change is supported by Jackson County Probate Judge Victor Manning and the Mayor of Hytop.

A new organizational chart for the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office was approved. The new chart recognizes the change of the Pistol Permit Clerk position to a Clerk 2 position, recently approved by Commissioners.

Commissioners approved the hiring committee’s recommendation to fill the Paint Rock Nutrition Center Manager position. The position will be filled and will begin at Grade 2 Step 1.

Commissioner’s also approved the recommendation to fill the driver/collector position at Jackson County Solid Waste. The position will be filled and will begin at Grade 5 Step 4.

Ashley Colon was nominated and appointed to the Jackson County Healthcare Authority Board. Lydia Pennington was also nominated and appointed to the Alabama Mountains Rivers and Valleys Resource Conservation Council.

An update on the JMR+H project was given. The project which renovated the Liberty Lane building and portions of the Jackson County Courthouse now has a 100% design and architectural review. A pre-qualification statement has been completed. The pre-qualification is expected to be sent to request potential bidders immediately. County Commission Chairman Bill Nance stated that the hope of his office and the Commission is to use as many local businesses and contractors as possible.
The revision of the hiring policy for Jackson County was discussed. The hiring policy for Public Works was revised recently. This revision will allow department heads to put out notice for open positions to Jackson County employees first. If a candidate is qualified, the position will be filled from within. If not, the position will be posted publicly.

Jackson County Park Director Steven Pereira spoke to Commissioner’s regarding the park at North Sand Mountain. Pereira reported that he has been contacted multiple times regarding the need for a playground and the need for repairs. Pereira reported that the concession stand and restrooms are in dire need of repair. Pereira also reported that due to the lack of t-ball fields, the North Sand Mountain t-ball teams are making makeshift sandlots behind the existing fields in order to play. He also stated lighting at the park is an ongoing issue, even after replacing the bulbs. Commissioners requested that Pereira put together a Park Concept and Cost Analysis packet for review.

Pereira then reported that the roof at Jackson County Park’s restaurant was in need of replacement. During a recent storm, leaks were found in the kitchen and in both dining rooms. Pereira had three contractors look at the roof to see if the leaks could be fixed. All three contractors advised that the roof would need to be replaced.
Jackson County Engineer Josh Campbell gave an update on the County Road 38 project. Campbell reported that the project is now funded and that clearing of the area would begin and be completed prior to March 31. Once cleared, the project will begin.

A motion was discussed and approved to follow the CDC recommendation for Covid guidelines. Previously Jackson County was one of only a few counties in Alabama still allowing employees to be off of work with pay due to Covid. The CDC is now recommending that Covid be treated as the Flu. This will cause employees to be required to use their sick time for pay and be required to provide a Doctor’s note for absences in excess of three days.

Commissioner Chris Gulley proposed adding dates for community clean up for those in the outlying areas of northern Jackson County. It was reported that additional dates will be added. In addition, it was reported that there is a high participation rate in these events throughout Jackson County.

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