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March on Guntersville
by Mike Gerry

As the water warms and the weather improves, March can be an excellent month for bass fishing in Guntersville. With rising temperatures, the bass begin to move from the deep water to the shallows as they prepare their bodies for the spawn.
Remember March can be all about transition so finding fish can come from many depths of water. Few techniques that held up over time and lived through all the fishing pressure.
The first I like is rattle trap fishing or commonly known as lipless crank baits. As the water temp rises this bait allows you to cover water quickly and effectively creating strikes from bass as they move into their spawning grounds.

The well-known fact about lipless crank baits is their ability to entice aggressive fish and no bait is better in March on Guntersville than a trip tantalizing a bass. It’s also important to remember that color matters in March as the water is generally stained and we are always having rain, clouds and sun move through so color can be the difference maker.

Next, I like soft plastics as the ability to present a soft plastic bait in many forms and techniques allows you to have a bait on the deck that has survived through many years of new baits and techniques that have come and gone in the pre-spawn period. A slow-moving soft plastic especially in the Whacky rig format is just a killer as it tantalizes bass in the pre spawn.
As always, the forever long standing Texas rig worm is always a bass catcher, and this time frame is just ideal for a Texas rig worm. Remember there are many forms of soft plastic so don’t overlook the all-world fish catching ability of a swim bait.

One of my favorite presentations is a spinner bait, they also cover water and bring strikes from aggressive bass. It is also a great bait for the many types of weather conditions we see in March in Alabama.
Wind, rain and sun all change the watercolor and water conditions allowing you to have a bait that causes strikes and can be fished in any weather conditions especially the ones that cause us the most grief in March.

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