Alabama Waterfowl Association prepping for next duck season

The Alabama Waterfowl Association (AWA) has been sponsoring the Surplus Conservation Seed program since the mid-1990s. This is a program that offers seeds for planting wildlife food plots and cover crops for erosion at a fraction of the cost of retail seeds. This program has assisted the private sector with seeds to better provide a way to plant and manage wildlife habitat, which helps all wildlife in north America. The conservation seed program is a more economical way to provide thousands of acres of wildlife habitat.

AWA is now offering Glysophate Tolerant Corn (GTC) seeds, also known as round up ready.

This seed is for no-till or minimum-till crops. All duck hunters know that corn is a favorite crop of duck and geese in this area, and it holds up well when flooded. Corn will remain edible for wildlife to eat, even submerged for over 120 days, lasting all of waterfowl’s migration season.

Of course, this corn is good for all wildlife including deer, turkey and birds. These patented seeds are very expensive, and this program makes planting for wildlife more economical.
The GTC corn seeds are from special patents and can be very expensive with a 50-pound bag ranging near $150 or more.

AWA is offering up to 5 bags per farmer for only $15 per bag (for shipping and handling cost). The seed must be planted for wildlife conservation use only and participants will be required to sign a disclaimer.

To participate and obtain seeds participants must be a member of AWA in the current year or join AWA and support wetlands conservation.
A limited supply of the seed is available. Those interested in participating in the Surplus Conservation Seed program can contact Country Feed & Seed, 9 County Road 11, Scottsboro at 256-599-8649.

Now is also time to order mallards from the AWA rearing facility located in Aspel, Ala. Ducks will be four weeks old when they are picked up. The minimum quantity that can be ordered is 25.
Ducks are $8 each, or $7 each when ordering 200 or more. For more information or to place an order, email AWA at Orders must be placed by March 31.

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