Scottsboro student develops “Step-by-Step” program

Last year, during his junior year at Scottsboro High School, Kyle Wright served as the Alabama State Beta Secretary. During this year, he led several projects at Scottsboro High School and in our community. His year in office was a great learning experience for him, and it ignited his passion for serving his community even more.

Wright is currently a senior at Scottsboro High School. Upon graduation he plans to attend college to pursue a degree in secondary science education. He also hopes to be a basketball coach one day.

He has been looking for ways to continue to help in our community. Through meeting with school and community leaders, it became apparent that one of the largest issues currently facing Scottsboro is an increasing rise in poverty.

Through developing this program, entitled “Step-by-Step”, Wright desires to raise awareness to the issue of poverty and to help in some practical ways. The meaning behind the title comes from this idea: although no one can completely make poverty disappear, we can take intentional, meaningful steps to help.

The first step Wright has been working on is raising awareness. To help in this area, he created a Public Service Announcement with the help of other Scottsboro High School students.

Fellow senior, Tori Lynch, filmed and edited the PSA. The PSA will be shared on social media in hopes of making the citizens of Scottsboro aware of the issues we are facing.

The 52-second video begins by stating that 60 percent of the school is currently living in poverty. The video can be viewed by clicking here.

Another phase of this project involves meeting physical needs of students. Working with City Council President Richard Bailey, Wright has organized a shoe drive that will distribute shoes to students in Scottsboro City Schools.

The community is invited to participate in this effort by donating new shoes at Scottsboro City Hall or by making a monetary donation at Redstone Federal Credit Union. If making a monetary donation, please reference “Step by Step” and account number 510330889444.

The final step that Wright is currently working on is starting a mentor program between Scottsboro High School Beta students and Collins Intermediate students. Many students in younger grades enjoy the presence of a high school mentor in their life, and these students will get the opportunity to meet with an SHS mentor weekly during the student’s lunch time. The goal of this relationship is to offer positive encouragement and accountability in the life of a middle school student.

This project will be a community-wide effort, and it is our hope that it will make a small difference in someone’s life. Wright and his peers hope to continue to add more steps to the program as it grows and develops.

Wright spoke to the Scottsboro City School Board of Education on January 4, and he will speak to the Scottsboro City Council on January 22 regarding this project.

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