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Thanks for Thanksgiving
by Mike Gerry

Every year it appears to me as I grow older, wiser and more thankful that the meaning of Thanksgiving gives me more to think about and more to be thankful for. Fishing has been my lifeline now for many years. It has brought me joy, excitement and certainly has been my gift.
As an old proverb once stated your meaning in life is to find your gift and your purpose is to give it away. For me fishing has been my gift and every time I get on the water, I try to give away my best knowledge so others can enjoy it as much as I have. I believe I will do that
and will continue to give away my knowledge of my gift every day.

It’s time to say thanks to all who have been part of this gift for many years now as many have contributed to my success, many have helped me, many have cheered me on and many have been there when I needed them.
My sponsors are many but their contributions to my success can’t be ignored as without them I could not have succeeded. Many of my sponsor were not only business partners but became friends that without them I could not have been successful. As time developed with many of my sponsors long-term friendships have followed and that has been the lifeline to many years of great friends and great times on the water.

Customers turned from one-time days on the water trips to lifetime friends that I enjoy every day as I communicate with, once customers and now friends over the years.
The relationships I have built will never be forgotten or ignored and being part of the growth of customers to friends has had a never-ending positive affect on me.
I can’t thank you all enough for the good times.

Lastly family has been a big contributor of my fishing experience. How can I ignore the fact that family has supported me and cheered me forward and given me the space to be successful with their patience and backing for everything fishing.
It’s been great and thank- you!
Captain Mike

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