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Square Bill
By Mike Gerry

Nothing Compares to a Square Bill in fall.
I’ve been holding off on this article waiting for the fall bite to turn on as this bait is probably one of the most prolific fish catchers every fall because of its size, action and results.
I don’t know that any other fall bait produces like a square bill on Guntersville in the fall.
With its versatility and the pure fact that you can purchase these in so many different sizes, movement, depth ranges and wobble differences, and colors it will adapt in any type of conditions in the fall.

Guntersville is a unique lake as it’s full of grass and until almost March . The grass will slowly dissolve making it difficult to find a bait that can be successful. The square bill, however, gives you a bait that can easily adapt to the depth ranges of the grass and be fished over the top creating bites with its movement as bass generally feed upward.
As the grass dies in the fall the distance between the top of the grass and the waterline constantly changes allowing a square bill crank bait the ability to be fished over the top with enticing movement. All you have to do is pick the size, color and movement you want and keep adjusting until you get the right one for the conditions that day.

The rest is done with long casts, reel speed, depth control with the tip of your rod and your fish finding skills as once you put all four of these to work the bait will do the rest.
As always, in the fall look for cover water as bass will group up finding them is your test for that day in order to be successful. Let the natural elements lead you as you cover water, look for bait movement, birds diving, schooling fish, windy edges, watercolor differences these all lead you to the fish and are the difference makers for finding fish.
There’s no big difference maker with presentation as a square bill is just reeled over the grass maybe a little stop and go and fished hard as it will do the rest for you.
Captain Mike

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