Fishing tip of the week

Move Look Adapt

by Mike Gerry

With the tough fall conditions and the fish in a funk until they turn on for the fall bite there
are a few things that one can try and live by during this time period; that is to move, look
and adapt to the conditions the lake offers you. There are always difficult times in bass
fishing and the fall is one of the most challenging. Being aware that in the fall transition the fish can be all over the lake from deep to shallow to rocks, grass and all in-between is the
reason you must be on the move.
If you move from one type of cover or depth to another your chance of finding active fish
increases substantially. Yes, you must consider all the different possibilities like depth,
structure, points and flats but moving allows you to test them all.

Change baits but I suggest
you start with a bait that covers water like a lipless crank bait so you can quickly eliminate
water and find active fish.

Be aware of what’s around you, one of the key ingredients to fall fishing is bait fish, if you
don’t see the bait either on your electronics or visually then you’re probably in the wrong
location. There is no time of the year that the bass follow the bait more than the fall.

Activity on the water is certainly one of the keys, so also consider birds diving like seagulls as
a key. Look for the cormorants chasing bait as they will lead you to the bass. Bait being
chased or schooling fish is one of the biggest pieces of the puzzle to finding fish.

If you fish with me in the fall you will notice that I have many different rod and bait set-ups
on my deck; it gets crowded on my deck because of it. However, to save time I put many
different set-ups on my deck to be able to change baits quickly and find a presentation that
works. The oddity is that presentation of a bait working one minute can be rendered useless
the next forcing you to keep changing baits as you search areas and depths and cover. You
must adapt in the fall to be successful.
Captain Mike

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