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Cold Muddy Conditions
by Mike Gerry

As we approach winter, we will soon see our rain increase. The rain will muddy up the water and the water temperature will decrease as we progress into the cold nights of winter. There is probably no tougher time of year and no tougher conditions than this cold muddy winter fishing.
However, it can be rewarding. Having a great day has a lot to do with how you overcome some of these tough conditions.
First of all, I look for the clearer water or the mud lines where the clearness changes your ability to see into the water this time of year. Mud lines hold fish, and the clearer water makes it easier for them to see and react to your bait. This gives you an advantage to work with as the bass hang on the edges of the mud lines and feed where they can see easier. It’s also true that the muddy water warms quicker and easier in the sunny part of the day so the mud lines will help increase the water temperature moving the bass to the warmer edges of the water.

All of this gives you an advantage to fish bye, allowing you to locate fish quicker and find active fish just outside the mud lines and in the clearer water.
There are certainly many ways to approach this type of cold muddy condition when fishing. I like a couple of presentations. First of all, those that know me understand I love to fish spinner bait as it has proven its worth over the years in these conditions. Slow rolling

heavy spinner bait around the edges of the mud lines is as good as it gets for me. I like big dual willow leaf blades as they are flashy and attract fish.
Bass like, slow presentation in the cold so a heavy spinner bait forces you to slow down and puts the bait in front of them the
longest period of time. Lastly a football jig is easy to drag and moves slowly along the mud lines. You can move it slowly or stroke it to create a reaction giving the bass different ways to
become attracted to your presentation. In the winter you’re only as good as your presentation, as it is key to getting bites.
Captain Mike

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