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Advantage of Gold Blades

by Mike Gerry

As time has moved on over my many years of fishing and guiding, one thing that I have always believed in, when fishing in Guntersville with a spinner bait, is having at least one gold blade but preferable two on your blade.
There are many reasons I believe in gold blades on
Guntersville, the most important one being the fact that Guntersville is a grass lake, and we get a lot of rain coloring the water during the spinner bait bite time of year.
Gold flashes are better and attract more bites than any color blade I have ever used, and it shows for me with big fish and great numbers.

I also like using willow leaf blades as they are big and the gold flashes brightly in the water making them an easy target for fish to see and hence attracts bites. To me there is nothing
like the strike of a spinner bait rolling along the bottom, its fierce and violent and there is no doubt when you get hit. In the fall of the year when the bass start their transition to the creeks they settle in the ditches and creek beds along the flats when this happens it is the
ideal spinner bait time.

 like slow rolling these gold blades along the bottom of the creek beds and ditches as they kick up dirt, move a lot of water and cause a lot of reaction bites as it moves along these areas on the bottom.
The other great time of year on Guntersville for gold bladed spinner baits is the post spawn, again we get plenty of rain, the water is stained, and the bass are chasing.
One other big advantage of this time of year is generally the grass is just starting grow allowing you to cause commotion and water movement attracting fish and bites along the way. Willow leave blades
move through the grass a lot better than some other design blades making it a little easier to work your bait. Also, there are many types of swivel that are used on spinner baits; You might want to examine the swivels and see if they appear to be types that would catch grass or not some swivels definitely grab the grass.
Captain Mike

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