Budget amendments approved

During the recent joint work session and council meeting held by the Scottsboro City Council, members discussed a budget amendment for the Police Department. Chief of Police Ron Latimer stated that in May 2022 the police Tahoes were ordered. At that time, Danahoe Chevrolet, who had the State bid, advised the police department to order additional Tahoes than the department was budgeted for. Latimer ordered three and was budgeted for two. Those three Tahoes came in last week, after 18 months. Latimer requested a budget amendment for the one additional Tahoe, the equipment and equipment installation at a cost of $54,000. Council members voted to approve the budget amendment. Funds will be taken out of the excess sales tax to purchase the vehicle.

Latimer also requested and was granted a resolution to allow him to surplus Police Department property. The property to be surplused is a 2005 Ford F-150 with approximately 95,000 miles. The vehicle was obtained in a drug seizure in 2018 and will be auctioned on gov.deals.

Council members discussed and approved the annual airport resolution. The resolution authorizes the Mayor of Scottsboro to sign for and apply for Municipal Airport improvements funding.
Scottsboro Solid Waste Director Stacy Ledwell requested a resolution to surplus a garbage unit that was recently replaced and is part of the buy back program. The resolution was granted.
Ledwell also requested a budget amendment in the amount of $38,911 for a bulldozer currently at Thompson Cat for engine replacement. Upon replacement of the engine, it was discovered that the bulldozer would require a torc converter and transmission rebuild. The budget amendment was approved and will be paid for from excess sales tax.

During reports Council member Nita Tolliver thanked the Scottsboro Solid Waste Department, Scottsboro Police Department and Scottsboro Street Department for working during the Labor Day weekend. Council member Mike Ashburn announced the opening of Chick-Fil-A and welcomed the restaurant to Scottsboro. Council member Donna Fredrick praised the Scottsboro Water Treatment plant for the upkeep of their facilities.


by Heather Dohring

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