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Transition Timeby

Mike Gerry

Every year as see the temperatures drop from the summer heat to the fall like weather, we start to realize that the bass are on the move. Finding them in the same spot can be a challenge and it’s because of the fall transition. It definitely gets harder until the bass settle in the creeks for the feeding up before winter. There is no secret to it you just have to find what has been referred to as transition areas of the lake. That generally means water in the 8 to 12 ft. range, with creek beds or structure like stumps and shells, that have some

proximity to the creeks and the islands that surround them.
Finding an area that fits this is what makes it hard. The only real answer is using your electronics to find the correct transition area.
One of the keys is bait fish, as always, the bass will follow the bait. If you’re not seeing bait either visually or on your electronics you’re probably in the wrong area. Bass tends to roam during this transition time. They will be in the shallow waters some and then go deeper.

It will happen in just a blink of an eye. You can catch fish and then you can’t get a bite. It all happens quickly and sometimes daily or even hourly and you just must adjust. Understanding this concept and having the ability to adjust and move with the fish will be the key to consistent success on a daily basis.

Search baits can be very helpful during this period as you can quickly cover water and adjust your pattern as you move around trying to keep up with the transition this time of year.
Some of the best search baits I use start with a swim jig, I also like spinner baits, jerk baits and crank baits as they allow you to keep your foot on the trolling motor and test areas quickly and thoroughly.
Bites are the key when you get hit while searching then it’s time to
slow down and be more precise with the likes of a jig or senko and entice the other bass in this area to compete and feed. It’s transition time use it to your advantage and enjoy the early fall fishing

Captain Mike

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