Council hears zoning complaint

The Scottsboro City Council recently held their regular scheduled meeting. During the meeting, the council voted to approve a letter of support for the Fallen Officer’s Memorial, which is expected to be placed on the Jackson County Square; approved a budget amendment for the aerial photography partnership with the Jackson County Commission at a cost of $10,000 a year for three years; approved dirt work at Veterans Baseball Complex in the amount of $11,310; approved the use of tourism grant funds in the amount of $2,000 for the Airport Marine High School Fishing Tournament; rejected and rebid a HVAC unit that was previously damaged in transit for the Scottsboro Parks and Recreation center; approved the surplus of five Dodge Chargers, a Ford Expedition and a Crown Victoria, owned by the Police Department; approved the AVENUE contract for short term rental tax collection; and approved a one time holiday for the City of Scottsboro Employees.

Council members also nominated and appointed Nathan Allen and Tanner Harbin to the Commercial Development Authority and Jason Bennett, Tim Saint and John Gamble to the Zoning Adjustment Board.

Debbie Mathis spoke to the council regarding her property and business located at 705 E. Laurel Street. Mathis stated that the area is zoned for neighborhood commercial. Mathis presented photographs of properties near her business, including the old Norwood Insurance building. Mathis showed that the property has been left unmaintained for several years. Currently the property, according to Mathis, has a tree down and old vehicles have been abandoned on the property.

Mathis went on to state that the Accel property near her business is also an issue. Mathis reported that the business is bringing in raw material and is performing fabrication at this location. Mathis showed photographs of abandoned vehicles on the property.

Mathis went on to state there are issues with the abandoned Five Points Chevron property, which has been ongoing problem. She said that she is simply asking for help to clean up her area, as a citizen, investor and a business owner. Mathis owns seven properties on Laurel Street owned totaling over $1.3 million. Mathis stated that she just needs help cleaning the area up.
Mathis also voiced her concern that when variances are turned down by the zoning board , the businesses go to circuit court. At that point those variances.

by Heather Dohring

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