County approves loan agreement

County Commission Chairman Bill Nance began the recent joint work session and meeting by speaking about the resolution and loan agreement with Alabama Transportation Infrastructure Bank relating to a limited obligation revenue bond. Nance stated that during a recent special work session Commissioner’s approved a motion to procure a bond that would be dedicated to road and bridge work in Jackson County. At that time, different funding was looked at, including bond rates at over five percent. The bond rate has now decreased to around three percent, which will reduce the debt rate yearly by $100,000.

Commissioner’s unanimously voted and approved the resolution and loan agreement in the amount of $4.5 million with repayment over fifteen years.

Commissioners voted to extend their contract with VIAPATH for the Jackson County Jail. VIAPATH provides the telephone system, iPad system and visitation system used by inmates. With this contract VIAPATH will provide a one time a technology grant in the amount of $50,000.

The purchase of 50 new poll pads at a cost of $61,235 from Election Systems and Software was approved. The expenditure will be paid from the General Fund’s election funds. Reimbursement will be made by the State of Alabama for the poll pads. The purchase will allow a poll pad to be at every polling place in Jackson County.

The Access management policy for Jackson County Public Works was approved. This policy provides criteria for anyone requesting access or connection to any highway or county road within Jackson County. While permitting is free, the access or connections are subject to approval by the Jackson County Engineer.

Jackson County Solid Waste Director Caleb Skipper spoke regarding a Memorandum of Understanding with the Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM). Skipper stated that Jackson County Solid Waste has been working with ADEM for several months. Currently there are two grants with ADEM that Jackson County Solid Waste is working on. With these grants, Skipper said that Jackson County will be reimbursed for cleanup of submitted right of ways. The Memorandum of Understanding would allow ADEM to pursue responsible parties in court in the event Jackson County is unable to, in regards to clean up right of way areas throughout the county. The memorandum will also allow Jackson County Solid Waste to investigate complaints of unauthorized dumps in Jackson County. Currently ADEM is receiving complaints but only has two people to investigate all of North Alabama. Once these sites are looked at, Jackson County Solid Waste will only report back to ADEM if the complaint is valid. This matter was placed on the next joint work session and meeting.

Jackson County Sheriff Rocky Harnen spoke regarding Jackson County School resource officers. Harnen reported that some issues were recently brought to light with the Board of Education paying for these officers, in that they do not pay worker’s compensation. Harnen brought up concerns due to the dangerousness of the job performed by officers. He requested that Jackson County begin paying the salaries, and workers compensation for these officers, with reimbursement coming from the Jackson County Board of Education. A motion to set aside rules was made and granted. The agreement between Jackson County and the Jackson County Board of Education was approved.


by Heather Dohring

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