Fishing tip of the week

Fall can add a different Presentation.
by Mike Gerry

Don’t let the fear of a rattle bait catching in the grass turn you away from using it in the fall.
Rattle bait catches fish in the fall as well as in the spring. Guntersville being the grass lake it forces many of us stay away from one of the best fall presentations used all over the country this. We are only shy about it because it gets caught up in grass. I contend that the grass can be your friend if you work your bait correctly.

The presentation is everything . Regardless of the hanging up in the grass a rattle bait can be a fish catching machine in the fall , just like in the spring time.
In fact, the hang ups of the grass can work to your advantage, you just need to understand the dynamics of rattle bait. When you’re pulling it over and through grass you’re popping and pulling the bait and it is making erratic movements every time it grabs the grass, and this causes reaction bites from bass.

The other presentation that is even more dynamic than snapping it out of grass is letting it drop; this bait is a killer along the river channel edges working it at 45-degree angles off the river ledge and letting it drop as you move off the edge is a killer.

No bait catches more fish in the fall while its dropping a helicoptering rattle bait. It causes some vicious bites and with some proper paralleling presentations off and around the river ledge , you will catch some big fall bass. The bass will absolutely slam it and you will have a blast.

This presentation is very simple give yourself enough distance off the river ledge to make a long 45 degree cast and let it just catch the edge of the grass, rip it up and let it drop the rattle bait will do the rest. It drops erratically, it is noisy because it has BB’s, and it is flashy as it drops! Repeat your drop at least twice as you retrieve it, and you will get slammed with some big fish! A fun bait you need to try it this fall!
Captain Mike

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