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Deep cranking time
As the fishing pressure mounts on Guntersville with more and more anglers on the lake, the bass will try to make some moves to the deep water until the grass thickens on the lake. The weather conditions, with it being much cooler than normal, will extend the amount of time the bass will try to hide in the deep water as the grass thickens in the shallows. Guntersville, being known for grass, has a tendency for the fish to move into the grass in the heat of the summer as the grass produces more oxygen.

Having said that, if you can find some schools of fish in the deep water, the bigger bite will be front and center, allowing you to have a great day with crank baits in the 18 to 25 ft. range or deeper. Guntersville used to have a great, deep cranking time, but with the inset of different types of grass, the deep crank bite has been very limited and short in the length of time it lasted. As I said, this year is setting up to be different because of the cooler temperatures. Right now, your electronics are very important as side scan and down scan can really bring you an advantage if you will spend the time idling your boat over the drips and deeper structure until you find a school of fish.

If you find a deep school, there is nothing as important or a better producer of big fish than crank bait. Getting your bait to the depths you are seeing, the schools will produce some monstrous bags as you can drip into a deep school and catch your 26 lb. limit within minutes.

The real fun in a deep crank bait is getting the school of fish competing for your bait. I have seen times where two fish at a time can be had when they’re fired up. It’s an amazing day to have the bass competing and attacking your deep crank bait. I’ve seen days where you could put great numbers of big fish in the boat in a short period of time, making a day to remember on the lake.
Deep cranking time is here, and I think it will last longer than we have seen in recent pasts.

-Captain Mike Gerry

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