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The many advantages of a wacky rig
As fishing has progressed over the years, one technique that has pulled ahead of the pack is fishing with a wacky rig. It’s become a presentation that is overcoming the highly-pressured lakes we are seeing today. Finesse fishing just keeps growing as time moves forward, and the wacky rig is dominating the presentation. There are many reasons this is occurring as the number of ways to create a wacky rig keeps growing. You have so many options of ways to rig your wacky rig, and this allows you to be creative while giving you many finesse presentations.

There is, of course, the original rig with a sinko hooked in the middle on a hook and fished weightless. This was the start of it, and now there are many ways to present your wacky rig.
There are wacky rig rings that allow you to use the ring to slide your hook under and avoid penetrating the worm. There are also bottom weight-rigged setups that give the sinko some weight, like 1/8 oz. or less, to give you some advantage in the wind.

You can always rig your wacky rig with a shaky head in the middle to give it some top weight, and of course, you can purchase some of the many wacky rigs hook setups designed to make it easier on you to present the wacky rig. All these presentations work and give you a different way to present the worm on a wacky rig.

Next, is the worm itself. As time has progressed, it’s been proven you can wacky rig just about any worm, and it will catch fish. There is no limit on the presentations you can create using the wacky style of fishing. Coupled with that now, just about every worm manufacturer has a worm they have designed to be wacky-rigged.

I could list them but would run out of space in this article. Let’s just say, if you start researching worms that can be wacky-rigged, you will have many options; they all work. Just find the option that suits you best, fits your style of fishing and gives you confidence. Remember, confidence is everything in fishing, so pick your confident presentation!

-Captain Mike Gerry

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