Clarion fixture retires

Beloved Thoughts from the Bible contributor, Terry Broome is retiring from being a local pastor and the author of the weekly article for page eight of The Clarion Newspaper.It was in 2013 that Broome called The Clarion’s former owner, the late and great Mazie Aldrich, and asked about sending in an article every week. Broome even offered to pay for the space he would be occupying with his article.

Mazie told Broome she would give him the space as long as he stuck to the Bible and made sure each article was free of criticism of any other religion or church. Broome wholeheartedly agreed, and a long tradition was born.

For the last 10 years, and starting on July 3, 2013, Broome has faithfully sent in his articles each week in hopes of getting people to think and ask questions, to seek the truth and a closer relationship with God and unity among His believers.

Broome has served as a minister for 55 years, and for the last 21 years, he has been serving Scottsboro at the Broad Street Church of Christ. Broome stated he will still be available to preach at revivals or to fill in for a local minister in need of one.

Taking his place in the pulpit at Broad Street Church of Christ is Randy Brown, who has known Broome for many years. Broome will be delivering his final address on Sunday, April 30th. If you would like to be present to hear him speak for the last time as the acting minister for their church, you are more than welcome to attend.

His last article in The Clarion can be found in its usual place: page 8. When you’re finished reading here, please join us in flipping to that page and joining him in an honorable farewell. To our readers, Thoughts from the Bible will still be in its usual place, just with a new contributor we are excited about sharing with you.

Mr. Broome, from all of us here at The Clarion, we will miss your weekly emails, your stories and the wisdom you have shared with our readers for the past decade. We’re excited about this new chapter you’ve begun, and we wish you many blessings. Thank you.

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