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Buzz bait in early Spring
Sometimes in the early Spring, you must take a chance on doing something different. A pattern that shows its face that most folks don’t think about, is throwing a buzz bait when the water temperature is in the mid 50s. As the water temperature climbs from the mid 50s to the upper 60s, the bass are moving shallow for the spawn. Many times, they are in very shallow water, and their backs are almost exposed out of the water as they search for the best spawning spot. When this occurs, you can just about bet the farm that the bass will react to a buzz bait.

Many times during this period, especially on a shallow lake like Guntersville, all you have to do is find the lily pads, and you have an ideal location for buzz bait fishing. There is plenty of cover for the bass to attach to in the stems, and your buzz bait will work wonders, bouncing off the stems exposed above the water. That sudden directional change as the buzz bait moves around stems causes the bass to react to the movement, and your chances of catching a monster bass get bigger by the day. I believe it is important to have a couple thing imbedded in your mind as your work your buzz bait.

The first being the size of the buzz bait; the blade size must match the food source, so go small as this time of year the bait is small.

Next, find a buzz bait that is noise, as I believe the noisier it is, the more it will attract the bass to strike your bait. Size and sound, the two Ss, are very important this time of year. If you are rigged correctly for the conditions, you will be successful, and the two Ss are a must!

It’s also important to understand when the buzz bait bite is not a good presentation this time of year. I believe that will all the cold fronts that come through in the Spring, that cooling water temperatures are not good timing. You see, bass look up to feed when water temperatures are going down. The do feed up when it’s increasing water temperatures.

Buzz bait are a must in early Spring!

-Captain Mike Gerry

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