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The “why” of bass location
Over my many years of fishing, there are many thing I have learned to help locate fish and develop a pattern. In full disclosure, it’s not a perfect science, but it’s a way to develop a pattern. The important part of this article is to emphasize how important it is to understand what and why are bass located in one location but not in another; it is very true that 80% of the fish are located in 20% of the lake.
The key is to understand the make-up of the area in which the bass are holding. As an example, are the fish located near deep water? Are they on an inside contour change or an outside change? Are they holding in deep water or next to deep water? What is the make-up of the bottom structure, i.e., grass wood, shell beds? Are they located near steep drops, gradual drops, on top of humps, in the flats, on the edges of humps? These are just some of the many bits of information you need to pay attention to in order to determine where more fish might be located.

Today, we all have expensive but informative electronics. We have information at our fingertips that wasn’t available just a few short years ago. Your electronics are your lifeline to the next bite; they can tell you everything you need to know to understand why bass are located in certain areas, allowing you to recreate the area from collected knowledge, and hence, the next stop can now become a search for the replication of the area holding the bass.

Add all of this up, and it tells you that knowledge is everything, and today you hold the tools to have this information and limit your searching time because of the information at your fingertips. The point is to use your expensive electronics to become a better angler, understand what you’re looking at and let it lead you to the next bite.

The “why” of bass location is important to getting the next bite. You can choose to become good at the why, or you can’t, but if you want to be a successful angler, you must understand what’s going on around you. The better you become at this, the more fish you’ll catch!

-Captain Mike Gerry

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