Ann B. Chambless’ memory honored with tree dedication

The Scottsboro Tree Commission recently honored the memory of Jackson County’s well known historian, the late Ann B. Chambless.Chambless is well known for writing and cataloguing the Jackson County Chronicles, a compendium of Jackson County’s rich history, first published in 1975.

Among many other things, Ann is also responsible for the preservation of the historic Brown-Proctor House that now houses the Scottsboro-Jackson Heritage Museum, while also preserving the historic Scottsboro Depot.

At her tree dedication, the Hon. Judge John H. Graham spoke of his many memories of Ann, touching on the impact she had on his life and her passion for the preservation of our local history.
Graham stated that it was Ann who went before the city council to request they purchase the Brown-Proctor house. She also went before council seeking the purchase of the depot, and to date it is the Scottsboro Railroad Depot Museum.

Also present to honor her sister’s memory was Martha Hess, pictured far center right.

If you are interested in learning more about your county’s history and people, visit, or stop by the Heritage Center, located at 208 South Houston Street in Scottsboro.

For more information about the depot, visit their Facebook page.


by Martha Smith

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