Upcoming Projects in Scottsboro

Several new traffic changes are coming to Scottsboro along with a few other projects that are underway:• The ATRIP safety project for Highway 72 and County Park Road is currently underway and moving along, although the weather has not been helping progress.
• A flashing left turn on Highway 72 to go left onto County Park Road will also be implemented. This flashing yellow turn will be much like the signal currently in front of Publix.
• The signals on County Park Road and Highway 72 will also be re-sequenced, shortening wait time.
• The crossovers in front of Ollie’s and McDonalds will be closed. In the past, there have been enough accidents in those areas for it to become a safety issue for drivers.
• While the crossovers will be closed, a signal will go up in front of Whataburger and the new High Country Toyota. This will allow access to Whataburger, McDonalds, Ollie’s, Starbucks, etc. Drivers will also be able to exit the parking lot and turn left/west onto Highway 72.
• The road running in front of Taco Bell will also be worked on. A turning lane will be put in to turn into Taco Bell and to make a right turn onto Highway 72. Drivers will still be able to turn left into the parking lot. This will hopefully give a longer que for the drive-through than what is currently available now.
• The intersection on Highway 35 where the ChickFilA will be going is under design now. The Scottsboro City Council recently approved $1.6 million in American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds to go toward infrastructure and a project regarding the installment of a 16 inch water line from Highway 35 at Crawford Road, all the way to the Hollywood city limits. This will further support current and future residential, retail and industrial growth on that end of town. Supporting industrial growth was the main focus of this project, as there have been prospects in industry looking at that side of town, inquiring about the city’s infrastructure in the sustainment of those industries. Once the water line is fully installed, resurfacing of Crawford Road should be taking place.
• The Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), wherein the city is funded to tear down blighted/condemned structures in the city limits will be underway soon. The city is currently identifying and contacting property owners of some of these properties. Once they are approved for demolition, the properties will be demolished and cleared. Currently, the project is approved for a start in late spring.
• The city will also be sitting in with the Water, Sewer and Gas Board to look at future paving opportunities in addition to projects they are already doing. Utilities will also be checked to ensure there are no projects that also need done in that department prior to resurfacing.

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