Fishing tip of the week – 02/19/20

by Mike Gerry

March Fishing

Every year as we roll into and through the month of March, I realize how many anglers are struggling with the mental part of March fishing. You get on the water, and the first thing that strikes you is the ever-changing daily weather. One day it’s hot, the next it’s cold, and coupled with all the temperature change the wind is howling and changing direction.

Your body goes through an enormous amount of conditioning, and as soon as you think you have the fish figured out the sun and/or rain changes the pattern, and you’re searching again! You go from high water patterns one day, to TVA pulling water at rapid rates the next. Or the opposite occur. The water is low and clear, and what you thought you knew changed once again. This mental pain is a burden that most fishermen just can’t handle. I’ve seen them so frustrated that they load up and head back to their home. It’s a typical March if you know what to expect, but it can be difficult for even the most experienced angler.

Overcoming this mental anguish separates the winners and losers in most of the March tournaments every year. Coupled with changing weather, the fish are moving and changing patterns every time these weather patterns change, and what you thought you figured out one day is different the next. The weather can be the biggest obstacle to overcome. Not only is it uncomfortable, but fighting the mental part is the issue, when your mind tells you one thing and your body another.

Here are some ways to overcome. Be aware that the weather is changing just about every day and make it part of your mental preparation. Expect the change and deal with it. Don’t let it frustrate you. The bass are moving this time of year. Be mentally prepared to spend some part of every day searching for the pattern they are feeding on! Start at the main points, move quickly with your trolling motor and test every possible pattern from the main points to the backs of the creeks and boat houses with search baits. Put your trolling motor on high, and keep your foot into it until you get bit. You will eventually find the fish, and when you do, it’s all worth it!

Captain Mike

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