Council hears trash grievance for Farmer’s Market

by Martha Smith

Scottsboro City Council heard from Mary Watson at the last meeting held on Monday, February 10, 2020. Watson had photos of the Jackson County Farmer’s Market site, and Council was shown the amount of garbage that has been dumped on the premises. Watson stated there are mattresses, box springs, furniture, clothes, garbage of all sorts, broken glass all over the parking lot, and it’s not just contained to that one spot. The wind catches the garbage and blows it across the lot and down the street. Solid Waste Director Stacy Ledwell was on hand to explain that dumping has been a problem there for some time, and Solid Waste placed a used trailer on the site to provide a placed for people to put their discards, but it’s turned into something citizens are abusing. Ledwell stated they will go clean the lot, and two hours later, it will be full again. Scottsboro City Mayor Robin Shelton stated it would be no problem to completely remove the trailer and all receptacles being abused by wrongful or careless dumping. He also stated another problem that area sees are local teens using the shelter as a hang out and littering profusely.

Council also voted on several resolutions. A budget amendment for $4,103.78 was approved. The amendment will cover the $1,550 repairs for a leaky roof in the hangar being leased to Martin Aviation, electrical work to install modifications for heaters for $650 and repairs to the airport’s Automated Weather Observing System (AWOS) for $1,903.78.

A budget amendment for Solid Waste billing software was passed, with Council agreeing to pay up to $12,000. The KPS invoice for the Heritage Center Project in the amount of $9,188.95 was also approved.

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