Three Arts Club to host Art Sunday

Scottsboro’s Three Arts Club recently celebrated their 70th anniversary.

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JCHCA Signs Letter of Intent to Integrate with Huntsville Hospital Health System

Huntsville Hospital Health System and the Jackson County Health Care Authority have taken the first step towards developing an integration agreement that strengthens the relationship that has existed between the facilities for over a year.

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Your Legislative Delegation

Senator Steve Livingston recently expressed concerns about the new Alabama Prison Revitalization Program. According to Livingston, the new system appears to be failing as three of the major banks, the major players, have stepped away from the issue. Livingston stated a package may have to be put together and reviewed in a special session this year, allowing for a special bond for the prison issues.

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30 minutes with Mayor McCamy

Scottsboro City Mayor Jim McCamy stated the paving in Scottsboro is going well, and he is pleased with the results so far. Pending good weather, and according to the paving contractor, Garland Ferry’s resurfacing completion should be well under way starting early this week.

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Aquatic plant management

TVA will begin implementation of its Aquatic Plant Management Program on Guntersville Reservoir for the 2021 season during the week of June 1 through 4, 2021.

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