Simply Yaya: Barbecue Chicken Hashbrown Casserole

I thought I could, but I was tired…
Life is exhausting. I know I’ve told you I love to cook, that it brings me joy, but if I’m being honest, sometimes I am just too tired. And if I am brutally honest, sometimes I can’t tear myself away from whatever series I’m currently binge watching.

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Simply Yaya: Caramel Cheesecake Bread

There is power in numbers – and great food, too!
I know the majority of folks don’t enjoy cooking as I do. Many do it out of necessity, and well many don’t do it and spend a whole lot on eating out.

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Simply Yaya: Apple Butter Swirled Pancakes

Breakfast is my jam….
How does that Dolly song go? “When the morning sun, streaks across my room, and I’m waking up from another dream of you?” The things this girls dreams are made of? Breakfast: that glorious meal that can be enjoyed and savored any time of the day.

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Simply Yaya: Dylan’s Favorite Balsamic Brown Sugar Pork Roast

Food is my love language….
I’m sure several of you have taken the Love Language quiz. Our love language is the way we give and receive love.

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Simply Yaya: Chocolate Cobbler

It’s so easy and good…Of cookbooks and cobbler
I collect cookbooks. I would be ashamed if you all saw the vast collection I had. I have an entire kitchen cabinet three shelves deep full of cookbooks. I complain about the clutter all the time; however, I’m not willing to part with my cookbooks to put some of that clutter away.

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