Love shouldn’t hurt – ever: – 07/01/20

Early signs of a toxic relationship
by Rebecca Hieronymi

Pop artist Andy Warhol said, “People should fall in love with their eyes closed.”

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Thoughts from The Bible: – 07/01/20

The hope of a Christian
by Terry Broome

When our loved ones come to the end of their earthen journey there is rightfully much sadness.

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Fishing tip of the week: – 06/24/20

The art of the swim bait
by Mike Gerry

When you start talking about fishing a swim bait my ears perk up as it is one of my favorite baits, besides being one of my most productive.

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Love shouldn’t hurt – ever: – 06/24/20

by Teresia Smith

If you have ever experienced sexual assault or domestic violence, you may live with a heightened sense of danger.

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Thoughts from The Bible: – 06/24/20

A portrait of fatherhood
by Terry Broome

Father’s Day presents us with an opportunity to look at the role of being a father once again.

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