Fishing tip of the week: – 07/29/20

Summertime spots
by Mike Gerry

Most people fail to realize that bluegill spawn four or more times a year, and in the heat of the summer their beds make for great areas to find active bass.

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Love shouldn’t hurt – ever: – 07/29/20

Technology abuse and reporting
by Christina Hays

Where would we be without technology? It has created jobs, comfort, and success.

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Thoughts from The Bible: – 07/29/20

Ethics – Determining Right And Wrong
by Terry Broome

While I was a student at Oklahoma Christian College, Dean Howard Horton taught a Freshmen seminar class which helped me get a perspective that college was going to be different than anything I had experienced.

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Fishing tip of the week: – 07/22/20

Warm water fishing
by Mike Gerry

The summer heat changes where the bass locate, and catching them in their deep summer locations can be tough.

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Love shouldn’t hurt – ever: – 07/22/20

How Your Childhood Affects Your Love Style
by Rebecca Hieronymi

We all have a choice in becoming the people we strive to be, however, our childhoods do shape us to a certain extent.

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