Love shouldn’t hurt – ever

The Role of Consent

By: Teresia Smith
Sexual Assault Response Coordinator, Crisis Services of North Alabama

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Thoughts from the Bible

Behold What Great Love, Part 2
by Joey Carroll, Corinth Missionary Baptist Church

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Fishing tip of the week

Finding Bedding Areas
by Mike Gerry

As the bass progress to the spawning grounds, it becomes important to understand the movement and the type of areas they spawn in.

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Love shouldn’t hurt-ever

Sexual Assault is More Than Rape
by Teresia Smith

There’s often a misunderstanding that sexual assault is simply another way to describe rape or attempted rape. Sexual abuse is not limited to physical contact.

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Thoughts from The Bible

Behold What Great Love
by Joey Carroll Corinth Missionary Baptist Church

Where we are blessed to live, there are many things to behold with the eyes.

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