Love shouldn’t hurt-ever

We Believe You

by Teresia Smith

Generally, our society has normalized some forms of sexual assault. From catcalling while walking down the street, the relentless pursuit of a would-be suitor at work, to groping as you pass in a hallway, or having to endure unwelcome advances from a superior at work, we ask women to take it as a compliment.

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Thoughts from The Bible

These Things

by Joey Carroll Corinth Missionary Baptist Church

Every book of the Bible is written to a particular group of people with a particular purpose in mind.

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Love shouldn’t hurt -ever

Your Voice is Important
by Teresia Smith

No two people experience trauma in the same way. Age, history, family dynamics, support systems, and much more influence how a person responds to traumatic experiences.

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Fishing tip of the week

Move Look Adapt

by Mike Gerry

With the tough fall conditions and the fish in a funk until they turn on for the fall bite there
are a few things that one can try and live by during this time period; that is to move, look
and adapt to the conditions the lake offers you. There are always difficult times in bass
fishing and the fall is one of the most challenging. Being aware that in the fall transition the fish can be all over the lake from deep to shallow to rocks, grass and all in-between is the
reason you must be on the move.

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Thoughts from The Bible

Over the next few weeks as the Lord allows, we will study the letter of 1 John. Let’s begin this journey by getting to know the author.

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