Thoughts from the Bible: – 07/15/20

Faithfully teach the Word of God

In the New Testament we learn that it’s God’s Will that His Word be proclaimed by faithful teachers. Christianity is a taught religion:

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Fishing tip of the week: – 07/08/20

Virus effects on the fishing industry
by Mike Gerry

With all the problems we are going through with the Covid virus I thought I would give my readers an update of the fishing industry as it has affected what I consider the relative parts to the fishing industry.

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Love shouldn’t hurt – ever: – 07/08/20

Importance of Advocacy
by Teresia Smith

Imagine that a victim of domestic violence, living in fear of a batterer, finally finds the courage to seek help.

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Thoughts from The Bible: – 07/08/20

America, God shed His grace on thee
by Terry Broome

In 1991, Carla Rohlfing wrote an article for Family Circle magazine (4/23/91, p. 24) in which she affirmed that “The newest ‘virus’ to sweep the nation has nothing to do with getting sick in the traditional sense.

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Fishing tip of the week: – 07/01/20

Ignite the summer bite
by Mike Gerry

The heat of the summer can be discouraging and tough on most of today’s fishermen;

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