Simply Yaya: Chocolate Cobbler

It’s so easy and good…Of cookbooks and cobbler
I collect cookbooks. I would be ashamed if you all saw the vast collection I had. I have an entire kitchen cabinet three shelves deep full of cookbooks. I complain about the clutter all the time; however, I’m not willing to part with my cookbooks to put some of that clutter away.

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Fishing tip of the week

My Bait Choices in the Heat
As we move into the hottest part of the summer, which is generally August, I mainly focus on baits that I can work over the top of the grass early in the day, then move to baits I can get into the holes of the grass.

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Simply Yaya: Old Fashion Tea Cakes

Gather While You Can…..
As a little girl growing up in Pikeville, we didn’t have much. Granted, I didn’t realize it at the time, but by today’s standards we were downright poor, but I had family from Momma’s and Daddy’s side, to the right, to the left and all the way down every road surrounding me.

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Love shouldn’t hurt – ever

What does resilience mean?
When someone has come through a difficult time, have you ever heard it said that they have resilience? What is that?

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Thoughts from The Bible

This do in remembrance of me
One author has written, “The name of Jesus is not so much written as it is plowed into the history of the world.” And it’s no wonder. He was born miraculously without an earthly father.

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