Fishing tip of the week

Find the bluegill beds
Ideally, bluegill beds make for great summertime bass locations as most people fail to realize that bluegill spawn four or more times per year, and their beds make for great areas, in the heat of the summer, to find active bass.

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Love shouldn’t hurt – ever

Stress, anxiety and health
In today’s world, we hear a lot about anxiety and stress. It’s really not a new phenomenon. For years, farmers have stressed over the weather and their crops, workers stressed over deadlines and job requirements, students stressed over tests and classwork, and I think every mom has stressed over their children.

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Thoughts from The Bible

God is the Creator
“In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth” (Genesis 1:1, ESV). God created everything. Day, night, moon, stars, sea, land, fish, birds, animals, mankind — all of it was made by God. This is the very first action recorded in the Bible, and it reveals a great deal about God.

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Fishing Tip of the Week

Try something unorthodox
As Spring moves on to the summertime of the year, some things change, and some don’t. The one big similarity of Spring to Summer is the all-day heat leaving the water temperature to soar and oxygen to deplete in the water. This factor alone makes summer fishing extremely tough, and trying to overcome this and put together a pattern that catches fish can be really tough, but doing something different can sometimes be a key to success.

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Simply Yaya

Can’t nobody do it like Momma did…
I had a customer pick up an order today, and we somehow got onto the subject of our favorite meal growing up. That one special plate that takes us back to our childhood – the one that only your momma could make. The one you try to try to replicate but just can’t.

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