Thoughts from The Bible

Have You Started
Walking Yet?
by Joey Carroll Corinth Missionary Baptist Church

A meme popped up on my social media feed the other day that hurt my feelings a little bit, even though I laughed. It was a picture of Kermit the Frog with a disappointed look on his face as he gazed out of a window. And the caption above him read, “This marks the 11th year in a row that I didn’t make it to the gym.” Yep, it has been a minute since I made it out to the gym. In fact, these days my body and I have agreed to leave the gym for those truly committed folk and just be consistent at going for a walk.

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Fishing tip of the week

Not Biting, Keys

by Mike Gerry

The unfortunate part of fishing is that we all find days when the fish just won’t cooperate. There
are many reasons, and it happens to us all. The reasons are many, the solutions are few and
sometimes there is just not a good solution, but you have to be persistent!

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Love shouldn’t hurt-ever

Choose You
by Teresia Smith

Life is really hard sometimes.  There’s no denying that truth.  It’s impossible to live a life without enduring some level of hardship or adversity. The past few years have been very peculiar and somewhat overwhelming to many as people have experienced job loss or financial insecurity, fear of sickness, loss of loved ones, loneliness brought on by isolation, food shortages, anxiety from world events, and just a fear of the unknown. This scary and uncertain time can allow worry to seep into our everyday life and fill us with unhappiness. Sometimes, with so much to deal with, just getting up each day can feel like a chore. How can we find our resilience and rediscover our joy?

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Thoughts from The Bible

That You May Not Sin

by Sarah Wootten Corinth Missionary Baptist Church

If you looked through my wardrobe, it’s likely that you would make some wrong assumptions about me. For instance, I have an Auburn sweatshirt. If you saw me at the grocery store and greeted me with a loud “War Eagle,” I would probably stare at you in utter confusion. Why would you greet me like that? Or maybe you would find my plethora of 5k and marathon t-shirts. You might think that I’m a runner, but the reality is that I look for excuses to skip cardio day. I’ve never ran a 5k and certainly not a marathon. My clothing isn’t always an accurate indicator of me.

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Fishing tip of the week

Finesse Time in Cold
by Mike Gerry

Finesse fishing is generally not my thing, but it has its place. In fact, many have heard me
verbalize it. It’s true I am not but a fan.

However, I believe we have reached a time in the
coldest part of the year where working finesse baits might be your best alternative, and the
easiest way to catch a fish.

All I can say is don’t shoot the messenger. The cold water will slow the bite and power fishing
is hit-and-miss, and it seems the best way to have success is to downsize some and slow down
your presentation.
The few finesse presentations I revert to are first fishing a shaky head; a
small 1/8 oz. shaky head rigged with a small finesse worm or a sinko type worm fished along
the grass edges will get you bites, and many times it can be a good fish.
Just be patient, work

it slowly and find some productive water; it’s also a bait that can ignite small schools of fish.
It has that tantalizing drop that ignites bites.
I am also high on fishing a weightless sinko

rigged with a big hook and maybe even a swivel to contain the line twist especially if you’re a
spinning rod fisherman when you’re finesse fishing.
The sinko goes back many years to theintroduction of what has been called dead sticking; meaning you work it very slow, let the
drop of the bait be the action and just be patient. Many times, working a sinko in grass that
seems to have holes in it where the bait drops slowly into the holes, especially in low light
conditions, can be great.

Don’t overlook the fact that both these presentations can be worked in deep water.
If you scan the bottom and find a school of fish in deep water, both of these presentations will catch fish and maybe even win a tournament. It takes patience, and it takes a commitment to let that bait get to the bottom, but if you can stand the wait the results are worth it.

Many times on the newest Lowrance technology you can actually see the bait drop on your electronics and watch the results right before your very eyes. Technology advances make it easy!
Captain Mike

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