Fishing tip of the week

High water lakes
by Mike Gerry

As we move into February, one thing you can count on is plenty of rain in this part of the country! That said, we can expect some extremely high-water conditions along with days of strong current to drive the fish out of the deeper edges of the channel.

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Love shouldn’t hurt – ever

by Teresia Smith

Remember the “good old days”? You know, before Covid life became our new normal. Back when we were just living day-to-day in a sort of routine.

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Thoughts from The Bible

The Christian’s Calling
by Terry Broome

In the opening of Peter’s second letter to those who had obtained “like precious faith,” (2 Pet. 1:1) and were scattered over the world of that time period (1 Pet. 1:1) he defines the call that God has given to a world of lost sinners:

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Fishing tip of the week: – 01/27/21

Rattletrap presentations
by Mike Gerry

As we get deeper into the rattle trap bite, I thought I would spend some time talking in detail as to the many ways to work a rattle trap.

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Love shouldn’t hurt – ever: – 01/27/21

How to Help a Friend in a Toxic Relationship
by Rebecca Hieronymi

Relationships can take work, but love should never hurt. Sometimes relationships don’t just take a turn for the worse but can become dangerous or even life threatening.

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