Fishing tip of the week

by Mike Gerry

One condition you can count on in the fall is clear water – the reason being, generally we do not see a lot of rain, and the thickness of the hydrilla causes the water to clear as it acts as a filter and clears the water.

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Love shouldn’t hurt – ever

Think Positive
by Teresia Smith

Some people naturally find the good in daily life while others only see the bad. Does it really matter which we see? Studies have demonstrated that both can impact your physical and mental health and that being a positive thinker is the better choice.

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Thoughts from The Bible

God is Love

by Joey Carroll Corinth Missionary Baptist Church

If any characteristic of God is well-known, love would be it. Scripture is certainly clear on the subject. 1 John 4:8 states, “…God is love.” John, the Gospel writer, does not simply describe God’s character as loving, but describes the very essence of God’s nature as love.

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Fishing tip of the week

Different Ways to Rig a Senko
By Mike Gerry

In the summertime you have to be able to adjust to the lethargic action from most bass.

One way to do this is to fish a Senko and there are many ways to present it that can help you catch fish.
One of the most common ways in the summer so you get a slow drop into the grass is to Texas rig it weightless. I like using a 4.0 hook as the size of the hook adds just enough drop from the size to make it slowly fall into the holes of the grass. Doing this allows you to be patient, feel the bite and let the bait do the work for you.

One way to use a Senko especially when fish are suspending is to hook it directly in the end of the worm and use a very light weight to let it drop through the deeper water at a slow rate.
Suspending fish will react to this presentation, you can rig it like a drop shot and hang the weight below the Senko or just use a light slider weight either pegged or not and let the fall of the bait drop through the fish. Finding schools of fish on your electronics and then dropping the end hooked Senko through them is a great way to catch numbers. Your electronics can also be key in the summer for this to gain immediate positive results.

I also like wacky rigging it on a Shakey head that is maybe only 1/8 oz. in weight. Doing this gives the Senko more action and entices the bass to react to the different movement of the wacky rig. Using this in water of 10 feet or more can be deadly as the bait moves and sways back and forth to the bottom. The 1/8 oz. amount of weight is just enough to get the bait to drop to the depth where the fish are and cause the bait to move and cause a reaction.

Shakey heads are just great in the summer and this presentation just makes it better.
Senkos in the summer catch fish and using different set-ups just make it better.

Captain Mike

Love shouldn’t hurt – ever

Teen Romance
by Teresia Smith

Summer is ending and it’s time for school to start again. It’s time for new backpacks, notebooks, pens and pencils, and the inevitable teen romance. Teenage romance can cause a lot of issues, including immature behaviors like jealousy, infidelity, conflicts with friends, and messy breakups among others. In order to be mature enough to be in a dating relationship, you must be mature enough to end it well when the time comes. And you must be educated to recognize an unhealthy or abusive relationship and have the tools to get out of it without harm.
What’s the difference between an unhealthy relationship and an abusive relationship? shares the following as a way of recognizing each and how to respond:

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