Love shouldn’t hurt – ever – 02/19/20

by Teresia Smith

Season of Love
We just passed Valentine’s Day, and we know it can be a painful and uncomfortable time for many.

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Love shouldn’t hurt – ever – 02/12/20

by Christina Hays
Missed Opportunities with Children Who Witness Domestic Violence

Working with children takes special people. Children present unique challenges on a daily basis. They require lots of patience, supervision and understanding.

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Love shouldn’t hurt – ever – 02/05/20

by Teresia Smith Love Me Forever? Many people have read the book Love You Forever.

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Love shouldn’t hurt – ever – 01/29/20

by Christina Hays S.A.I.L. Project The ACADV and the Alabama Department of Human Resources collaborate to provide domestic violence screenings and services for survivors facing abuse.

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Love shouldn’t hurt – ever – 01/22/20

How You Respond by Teresia Smith Sexual assault victims, I hope someone has told you that what happened to you was not your fault.

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