Tuesday, June 27, 2017
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TVA cuts Bellefonte budget for 2014

Mike Skaggs, TVA’s senior vice president for Nuclear Construction, announced at Bellefonte last Wednesday that the plant’s budget will be significantly reduced for the 2014 fiscal year.

Skaggs said that TVA has been looking across the company to determine which work is most important. “The most important job in nuclear construction is to safely deliver Watts Bar 2 in a quality manner, on time and within budget. Protecting the Bellefonte asset is also at the top of our ‘must and will do’ list,” he said.

For the 2013 fiscal year Bellefonte’s operations and management budget is approximately $182 million. That will be reduced to $66 million for the fiscal year 2014.

Currently at Bellefonte there are 60 TVA employees, 480 onsite contractors and an additional 130 contractors in satellite offices. According to a TVA press release, by October of this year those employment numbers will be reduced to 25 TVA employees and only 115 onsite contractors.

“Reducing spending at Bellefonte next fiscal year will help TVA focus resources, people, money, time and energy on nearer-term priorities. Some decisions are harder to make because they don’t affect just what we do every day, they affect people,” Skaggs said.

TVA voted to move forward with the completion of the nuclear plant in 2011. The expected completion date for Bellefonte was 2019-2020.

U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions responded to TVA’s budget reduction by saying that he was deeply disappointed in the announcement. Sessions said that he strongly supported TVA’s 2011 decision to complete the nuclear plant and added “the fundamentals of completing Bellefonte remain positive over the long-term.” “TVA has made a firm commitment to the people of North Alabama to complete Bellefonte, and while today’s announcement raises concerns, I remain convinced that this pivotal energy investment must be completed,” he said.

Spokesperson for TVA, Mike Bradley, said that the reduction in spending does not mean TVA is ending the construction project at Bellefonte.


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