Tuesday, June 27, 2017
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Sentences imposed on defendants entering guilty pleas in Holt’s Courtroom

Jackson County Circuit Judge Jenifer C. Holt imposed sentences recently on defendants entering guilty pleas during the May term of felony court.

“The Sheriff’s Department and Scottsboro Police Department, along with some of the other police departments in our county, did a good job of solving a number of burglaries and thefts resulting in these pleas,” said District Attorney Charlie Rhodes.

Defendants entering pleas on burglary and theft-related crimes included:  Robert Dale Bradshaw, burglary, 15 years; Michael Vincent Utech, burglary, 15 years; Howard Anthony McLemore, burglary, 10 years; Jason Ray Gilliam, attempted theft, 15 years; Michael Anthony Thompson, theft, 10 years; Chance Calvin Gaines, attempted theft, 10 years; Matthew Scott Johnston, burglary, 7 years; Kimberly J. Green, burglary, 7 years; Joshua Craig Bryant, theft, 7 years; Charles Ashley Brown, burglary, 4 years; Bryce Andrew-Edward Owens, burglary, 4 years; Robert Alan Shelton, fraudulent use of credit card, 4 years; Michael Paul Sisk, theft, 3 years; Timothy Andrew Bowlin, auto burglary,3 years.

Drug pleas and sentences included:  Nathan Gary McDaniel, unlawful manufacture of controlled substance, 20 years; Jonathan Matthew Higdon, unlawful manufacture of controlled substance, 20 years; George Dexter Hulvey, unlawful manufacture of controlled substance, 10 years; Johnny Townson, possession of controlled substance, 17 years; Dustin Shea Wade, possession of marijuana, 7 years; Tommy Wayne Owens, possession of controlled substance, 7 years; Edwin Earl Joiner, possession of controlled substance, 8 years; Troy Wayne Arnold, possession of controlled substance, 5 years; Matthew Scott Lay, possession of marijuana, 5 years and Francisco Joel Felix, possession of marijuana, 4 years.

Other defendants entering pleas included:  Allen Delane Grissom, rape 2nd degree, 15 years; Adam Eugene Paschal, obstruction of justice, 15 years; Jamie Edward McIntire, willful abuse of child, 5 years and Jason Lebron Thompson, obstruction of justice, 18 months.

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