Monday morning SNC-Lavalin along with developer Nuclear Development, LLC briefed Jackson County officials, industrial partners  and news media on the proposed plan to complete Bellefonte Nuclear Plant.

In June, SNC-Lavalin was selected to manage completion of the construction project would create several thousand construction jobs and approximately 1,500 permanent jobs over the next decade. The briefing was hosted by the Jackson County Economic Development Authority and the Mountain Lakes Chamber of Commerce.
Shelia Shepard, President and CEO of Jackson County Economic Development Authority welcomed SNC-Lavalin and more than 30 industry partners to the North Alabama region. “The region has waited for nearly four decades to see Bellefonte completed. The purchase of Bellefonte by Nuclear Development, and its recent selection of SNC-Lavalin as the over project manager demonstrates that this nuclear plant may soon experience new life.”
Nuclear Development, LLC, is a family owned investment company that successfully bid $111 million in the November 2016 auction for the site with its two partially-built pressurized water reactors (PWRs) plus infrastructure including switchyards, office buildings, warehouses, cooling towers, water pumping stations and railroad spurs. Since the auction Nuclear Development has been working with nuclear energy experts to resume construction of the partially completed Bellefonte upon completion of the acquisition which is expected to occur in the fourth quarter of this year.
“The impetus to complete the Bellefonte plant signifies that nuclear power has regained interest as an energy source that is necessary as part of the over energy portfolio in the US,” said SNC-Lavalin Chief Nuclear Officer Preston Swafford.
“SNC-Lavalin is collaboratively working with many major nuclear vendors in North America to for the most capable team that has the depth and breadth of experience to complete this nuclear project,” added Sandy Taylor, President of SNC-Lavalin’s Nuclear sector.
“For many years, I have been committed to the Tennessee Valley, having invested billions of dollars in a region that continues to outpace the rest of the country in terms of job creation and economic growth,” said Franklin Haney, owner of Nuclear Development LLC. “ I have eagerly awaited the opportunity to invest in clean, carbon free energy projects that will offer people safe, clean and affordable sources of power. That’s exactly what Bellefonte will offer the people of Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia and the surrounding region. I’m excited to announce that the finest team of nuclear engineers will take over the project and bring Bellefonte to a long awaited completion.”
SNC-Lavalin, a Montreal based company, announced in June that the company had signed a letter of agreement to complete the construction of the nuclear generating unit.
Since that time Enercon Services of Atlanta has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with SNC-Lavalin to support the completion of Bellefonte Unit 1 once the Nuclear Development acquisition is complete.
U.S. Congressman Mo Brooks stated, “I am so pleased that TVA made the decision to transfer this to the private sector. The optimism that we’re going to get this completed is much greater than it has been. Nationally if this facility is built and completed, when it comes online, that is a significant contribution to America’s power generation capability.” He went on to say, “With Bellefonte  coming online in 2022, 2023, 2025, whatever the time frame may be, that’s going to provide energy security for the Tennessee Valley and surrounding states. I cannot think of a project that approximates to the roughly $11-$12 billion that will be invested in capital improvements in this facility to get it up and running. From a tax standpoint, going to the University of Alabama Economic Study, it says, “Generates $2.4 billion in State and Local taxes.” On the plant side of it, “ Will raise an estimated $6.6 billion in tax revenues during the operation phase, which is many, many decades.” This is a huge long term economic boom for Jackson County, the Tennessee Valley and the State of Alabama  just from a revenue standpoint. Last time I checked, cities, counties and states can all use that money. On an annual basis, “In a typical full year of  operation the plant will employ 1,040 full time workers with an average salary of $136,000 and create  an additional 3,136 jobs paying $52,000.” Let’s cross our fingers and hope that we can dot the rest of those I’s and cross the rest of those T’s and get construction underway.”
Haney’s attorney Bud Cramer stated there is an estimate need of  6,500 direct construction jobs and 3,500 indirect construction jobs.  Cramer stated that the closing date on the property is coming up in November. “They feel that they will meet those hurdles, a lot of skin would not have been put in the game if they did not think this was a viable project. The advantage at Bellefonte is that these facilities were anywhere from 50-80 percent complete many years ago,” said Cramer.  When asked for an ETA on when the facility would be up and running Cramer replied, “Many speculate around five years. That’s part of what DOE is reviewing. During those five years, that’s when thousands will be hired. Permanent jobs once it’s complete in the range of 1300, 1400, 1500. The schedule for activity that SNC- Lavalin hopes to achieve will start in November.” 

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