The Scottsboro Board of Education held a regular meeting, work session and a called meeting last week.

During the regular meeting, the personnel items were removed from the agenda. Dr. Sandra Spivey stated that the information was asked for by the board members and given at the earliest possible time prior to the meeting. Spivey explained that many potential employees are waiting to hear and there are special education openings in various places,  she felt certain some teachers would apply in other areas if the personnel items were placed on hold. Spivey also explained that by postponing the approval, it would affect payroll because of retirements and resignations within the system.
Board member Holly Thompson stated “This stuff has been going on. We had our work session May 15, and we delayed this meeting almost a month. The information is here.”
Board member Patty Stewart stated, “Until I get a clear accounting and clear understanding, I’m not voting.”
Board member John Esslinger suggested that the board take a break for the information to be viewed. Stewart replied, “I don’t have time to take a break.” Thompson stated, “Well, we do.”
Board members went on to  approve  the principal contract for Martha E. “Corky” Hood, who will be moving to Caldwell Elementary to serve as principal. The contract is a two year probationary contract. Board members also approved the job description for the Pre-K Partners teacher positions, allowing for those job openings to be posted; and the  2017-2018 Salary Schedules.
During the Board’s work session, board members discussed several items, including the possibility of forming soccer teams at Scottsboro High School. Board members and Principal Brad Dudley, expressed their desire to form the teams, and to ensure that all athletes are not discouraged from participating in more than one sport.
Esslinger concluded the work session by thanking Dr. Spivey for her time. Esslinger stated, “From the very beginning, you backed your principals. You supported administrators of all types. You were a teacher and started teaching principals to be better and administrators to be better. You tackled finances right off the bat. We had situations that were really tough. You got us into a system that taught us how many hours everyone was supposed to work and how much they’re supposed to make. Except for you, I saw you over here recently around 11:30 one night, so you didn’t get your hours figured out too well. You righted a lot of wrongs.  A lot of things had been done wrong in the past and you righted those things, even with a lot of criticism. You took all the hits for all of these guys. For the first time, we have really had an evaluation for everyone. You began training. With your staff, what you saw is what you get. You had their backs, but if they did something wrong, you weren’t afraid to give them a come to Jesus meeting. One thing that all of us need to understand is there isn’t any time to waste. There’s a job to do. You can’t love kids and care about students and take a two hour lunch break or take sick leave for two months, just because you have it. As board members, you try to teach us how to act and what our roles are as far as policy. You make me feel like I’m an important part of this school system. I just want to wish you well. I’ve never questioned anyone on this board about their motives. The one thing you told me was that you sincerely hope the next superintendent is more successful than you were, and that says a lot. As a board, “You see it your way and I see it my way.” As a board if you see it your way and I see it my way and we let it slip away, we failed. But, if you see it your way and I see it mine and we come together, we’re successful.”
During the final meeting of the week, board members approved the transfer of Maria Kirkland; resignation of Courtney Payne, Taryn Hancock, Victoria Owens, Madison Pendergrass; retirement of Barbara Kennell and Dianne Webb; employment of Ashley Bailey, Savannah Boykin, Matthew Brewer, Drew Davis, Patrick Laney, Lisa Murphy, Jesslyn Randall, McKayla Vaughn, Amanda Brown, Gary Busby, Bernard Craft, Craig Jenkins, Heather Laughlin and Michelle Selvage.

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