At the recent Scottsboro City Council work session a public hearing was held regarding an alcohol license for Jimmy Coble, doing business as The Pond.

The establishment will be located at 22919 John T. Reid Parkway.
A resolution to surplus street department property was also discussed. Department head, Eddie Blizzard explained that the street department wishes to surplus a bush hog that has already been replaced. Blizzard explained that the funds received from the surplus  of the property would be used to replace mowers in the department.
A  software program for the Rec-Com was also discussed. City Council Chairman Tony Wallingsford stated that this program was discussed last year. However, Clint Sebring, the City IT director found an option that would only cost $9,200 this year and $7,700 a year for each preceding year. Sebring explained that there are point of sale applications, reservation applications and membership application software included. Sebring explained that the last upgrade on software at the Rec- Com was in 2002, putting the facility 16 years behind. The matter will be discussed at a later work session.
A discussion was held regarding the purchase of patrol vehicles for the Scottsboro Police Department. Wallingsford stated, “We have been meeting with the Chief [Ralph Dawe] and Mr. Wheeler about some things. We have basically two problems that we’re trying to solve. One is maintenance cost. Over a four year period, we have maintenance cost of $179,000. The issue that brought this to a head is that eight of our patrol vehicles are $98,500 of that cost. So, eight patrol vehicles are costing over half of the total department maintenance cost. The Chief and I have worked it forward, backward and sideways. The additional problem we have is the practice of hot seating. I’ve done some research on this. The Chief and I have looked at acquiring 13 new vehicles. This would give each shift a vehicle to run. We looked at replacing all of those, but that cost was $150,000 per year. The interim solution would be to add the 13 now, but have an eye toward the fact that we need to be looking at a way to replace those chargers. We will stop running them 24/7 so that will help some, but the fact remains we still have old vehicles. If we do a short term finance on those vehicles, The City paying the vehicle portion and the department paying for the computers and outfitting of the vehicles. Our projection would be approximately  $77, 000 per year for six years for the city and the department would have about $25, 000 per year to  contribute out of its discretionary money.  What I would like to do is ask Mr. Wheeler to draft a RFP for our local financial institutions so we can send it out to see what the rate would be.”
Council member Keith Smith spoke regarding the employee retirement incentive. Smith stated, “We looked at doing $500 per year for every year, as long as you’re vested and we talked at one point at stopping at 25 years. As most people in private business who do such a thing they’re doing that normally to reduce their workforce, this city has never done it that way. When we do this, we replace them with new hires and keep the same number of people. One of the concerns is that if you do this every two years, then there is no incentive. I am not saying we need to go with or against the two year plan, but we need to talk about it more. There’s a lot of people over the last 20 years who didn’t get what we are offering. If you want to get this thing, when it’s offered, take it, but you’re not assured of when it will happen again. I think we came to the conclusion of $500 per year, for however many years you have with the City.”  Wallingsford responded, “If you’re going to make it a reoccurring thing, I think you may as well call it a raise instead of an incentive. I do like removing the cap. Have we considered at giving a window, if you’re not eligible now, but are within the next twelve months, making this available?”
Mayor Robin Shelton responded, “What we talked about was the possibility of  offering it and calling it a  service reward for years of service. You’d have to sign up within 30-60 days and state the date you’d like to retire in the year 2018”  Wallingsford replied, “I think the employees deserve to have an answer sooner rather than later. I know we have a draft of a resolution. I’d ask that we sit down and finalize that and place it on the agenda for next week.”
The Clemmons Road Project bid was also discussed. The city’s portion of the project is approximately $301,000.
Debbie Mathis addressed the council. Mathis appeared in support of the Scottsboro Police Department. Mathis stated that those in  public service  are either elected or the person is servicing under the elected officials. Mathis went on to state that these departments deserve the equipment they need to function. “If we have a Sandy Hook incident, the Fire Department and the Police Department will become one. We need to support these departments. This community looks toward you to take care of what we need. They shouldn’t have to beg for new cars,” said Mathis.

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